Introduction to School of Mathematics

The School of Mathematics was founded in 1923 with long history in the Northwest University. It has several research institutions, such as Shaanxi Institute of Quantitative Economics, Institute of Mathematics, Center for Nonlinear Studies, Center for Mathematics and History of Science, China-Japan Number Theory Institute and so on. There are 1 national key discipline (History of Science and Technology), 3 postdoctoral programs (Mathematics, History of Science and Technology, Statistics), 3 doctorate degree authorizations of fist-level discipline (Mathematics, History of Science and Technology, Statistics) and 3 Master’s degree authorizations of fist-level discipline (Mathematics, History of Science and Technology, Statistics). It has 4 undergraduate majors: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Information and Computing Science, Financial Mathematics and Statistics and Applied Statistics, in which Mathematics and Applied Mathematics both are the famous and special undergraduate major in Shaanxi Province. The school possesses laboratories with area of 260 square meters, more than 370 pieces of equipment and instrument, which are worth more than 320 million. The school also has 141000 books of this field, and 630 kinds of periodicals at home and abroad.

The School of Mathematics owns staff of more than 80 people, including 63 full-time teachers, 1 distinguished professor of The Yangtze River scholar, 1 chair professor of The Yangtze River scholar, 2 persons selected for the national “Millions of Talents Project”, 13 doctoral supervisors, 16 professor and 22 associate professors. In recent years, 540 articles are published on the academic journal, and more than 100 articles are collected by SCI, EI, ISTP among these. Meanwhile, the school have acquired more than 30 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China, and wins more than 10 research awards and 5 Outstanding Teaching Awards in provincial and ministerial level.

Over the years, the School of Mathematics cultivates a large number of excellent talents in this field. Professor Wang Shutang has been doing great work in Topology, and the famous “Wang Theorem” established by him is known at home and aboard. The professor Li Jimin achieved excellent results in the research of the History of Mathematics, and won 2000 National Scientific and Technological Progress Prize. Professor Xu Zongben in Chinese Academy of Sciences graduated from our school in 1976, now is the vice president of Xi’an Jiaotong University and chief scientist of “973”project, who won the award for Buchin Applied Mathematics and National Natural Science Award. Professor Xin Zhouping, the director of CNS, has made great contributions in the field of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics and Applied Mathematics. He is awarded the Gold Medal of Morningside Award of Mathematics in the third International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians at Hong Kong in 2004. Shiing-Shen Chern,the Mathematics Award winner, and Professor Gong Fuzhou, both are vice chairman of the China Mathematical Society and the legal representative. The doctoral supervisor Qu Anjing has made fruitful work in the field of the history of Mathematics, which causese a great response at home and abroad. In August 2002, Professor Qu anjing and Professor Xin Zhouping were invited to do 45minutes speaks in International Congress of Mathematics (ICM) at Beijing. In 2010, professor Qu anjing was elected the Corresponding Member of International Academy of the History of Science(IAHS). Mr. Jian Jinghong, the famous entrepreneur, who graduated from our school, has established Mathematical Prize Fund, providing 30000 RMB annually to reward outstanding students. So far, there are 82 students having received the prize.