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Initially, the teaching and research section of Environmental Engineering was developed in 1996. With establishment of the College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, the Department of Environmental Engineering was established in 2009 as well. Currently, the Department of Environmental Engineering has one primary discipline master program of Environmental Science and Engineering. In addition, it owns an Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Planning Research Center with Environmental Impact Assessment (Category B) Certificate. In all, there are 14 teachers including 2 full professors and 6 associate professors, and most of them received doctor degree. It forms a high-lever team with rich pioneering and innovative spirit.
The Department of Environmental Engineering is a pioneer research group in Clean Production, Circular Economy, Eenvironmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Planning. The faculties have chaired over one hundred projects including the National Natural Science Foundation, Major Special S&T Project on Water Pollution Control and Management, Ministry of Science and Technology, Key Projects and Enterprises and Institutions Entrusted Projects of Shaanxi Province. More than 150 journal articles and 15 books have published. The teaching and research covers the areas of Environmental Pollution Control and Resources, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Planning, Cleaner Production and Circular Economy, Water Resources Utilization and Water Environmental Remediation, Ecological Environmental Protection and others.
The department has good laboratories including Environmental Analysis Laboratory, Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Water Pollution Control Laboratory, and Air Pollution Control Laboratory, and Solid Waste Disposal Laboratory, Environmental Engineering Simulation and Design Laboratory and other specialized laboratories. These laboratories provide a good condition for teaching experiments and research works.

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