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    Department of National Resources and Regional Planning

Brief Introduction
Department of National Resources and Regional Planning which previously was the Department of Geography, was initiated in 1937 and at the same time the major of Physical Geography was established. In 1985, the major of Economic Geography was set up. In 1995, these two majors were integrated as the major Resources & Environment and the Management of Urban and Rural Planning (REMURP) according to undergraduate major adjustment under the guidance of the Chinese Ministry of Education. This major has now cultivated more than 2000 excellent graduates who perform unparalleled well in different fields in society. For instance, some of them have already been academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Cheung Kong Scholars and National Outstanding Youth Fund gainer. Noticeably, REMURP was evaluated as National Featured Major in 2010. Many famous scholars such as Huang Guozhang, Zou Baojun, Fu Jiaojin, Wang Chengzu, Xia Kairu, Lei Mingde, Zhang Diankun, Chen Zongxing have taught in this major.

Department Structure
Undergraduate Program: Resources & Environment and the Management of Urban and Rural Planning
Graduate Program: M.S degree of Human Geography, Regional Economics and Physical Geography
Doctoral Program: PHD of Human Geography and Physical Geography

There are totally 21 persons (faculty and staff) in this department, including 8 professors, 5 lecturers. And 16 of them have got Ph.D. There are 7 doctoral student supervisors, 16 master student supervisors and 5 persons who are overseas returnees.

Scientific Research
Researches of the Department of National Resources and Regional Planning mainly focus on the evolution of regional economic system and its adjustment, cultural landscape and tourism exploitation in the northwestern area, and development of cities and their spatial structure, land use planning and real estate evaluation, etc. Since 2001, this department has successively undertaken national “973” second level branch tasks, NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China), the national social science fund projects, scientific research projects at provincial or ministry levels, scientific and technologic plan projects, and more than 80 governmental projects. Annual average research funds of this department are more than 5 million RMB, with more than 200 thousand RMB for each person.

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