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The post-doctoral research center for Geography, Northwest University was founded in 2009. The establishment of Geography Department at Northwest University is among one of the earliest in China. Since 1980s, distinguished contributions have been made in fields such as rational use and development of regional land and water resource, environmental evolution and ecological construction, systematic regulation of economic regions and its development. Three key disciplines at provincial level have been established. One national key research base in humanities and social science has been set up. The College of Urban and Environmental Sciences offers two doctoral programs, five master programs supported by sound research facilities and laboratories including the Human and Land Relationship Simulation Lab, Earth Surface Processes Simulation Lab, Ecological and Environmental Simulation Lab, Resource and Environment Information Engineering Lab, and Remote Sensing and GIS Lab. The 16 professors employed at post-doctoral research center as PhD supervisors have hosted more than 50 national and provincial research projects and won more than 10 provincial scientific research achievement awards and prizes.


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